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Echoheart - Marina Interview

Posted on 14 May, 2017 at 9:00

I was given the chance to sit down with Marina, the lead singer of Echoheart, for an interview as she awaited her sushi. I must admit she is an absolute wonderful person, very down to earth and very into her music. I took the opportunity to ask her about what was the deciding factor in knowing that she wanted to show the world what she had to offer.

 At the age of 13 Marina wanted to give playing an instrument a try and began taking piano and guitar lessons. She told me about singing on her Youtube channel at the age of 15 and aspiring to be in a band. After dabbling with a few musical tools and steering clear of the drums Marina was sure that singing was where her heart was at. She met with her good friend and now guitarist Jacob when she was about 16 and the dream was alive. Through a mutal friend and with a little networking, she and Jacob met their drummer Pablo and later on found their bassist and the band fell into place.

 After much debate over what they should call themselves, she had one more small requirement and that was to keep the name simple. Marina and Jacob came to the conclusion after graduation that it was time to take the music more serious and Echoheart was born. We discussed what bands had been the biggest influence on her style of music. Marina did not hesitate to express her absolute love and appreciation for the bands My Chemical Romance, Paramore and later on Pierce The Veil who she tells me would be a dream to get the chance to work with. She goes on to say that Jacob's influences include Queens of the Stone Age and Pablo is highly impacted by the punk vibe which culminate into the appealing sound of Echoheart's music today.

 Marina spoke highly about the Eyes Like Mine EP which with some help from really gracious people was made possible as being one of the band's most noteworthy accomplishments. We talked about how we are lucky today to have the internet which gives us the opportunity to get our music out due to particular locations some of us live in. Marina offers a little advice for others looking to fulfill their band needs and that's to network. She goes on to explain how keeping a cool head and clear mind about what you love to do will definitely help with some of those pre-show jitters. All in all, aside from some technical difficulties on my equipment and a few badly timed calls and texts, it was a pleasure to meet this eager and enthusiastic up and coming artist.

Thanks again Marina and best of luck on your journey!

Interview by Ben Forbus

Categories: Rock